When it comes to hair extensions it’s all about the quality.


Whether you are wanting beautiful full long locks or looking to add some volume to enhance your own style, we will work with you to give you the exact result you are after.

At Ricocco we are fully trained and accredited extension specialists, using the best available 100% Remy human hair extensions ethically sourced from India and Europe.

If you are considering having hair extension’s, we recommend you come and see us for a complimentary consultation with one of our fully accredited extension specialists to discuss which method of extensions are right for you. During the consultation your technician will cover many different aspects before advising the best methods and type of extension for your hair and lifestyle. Some of these aspects include:


Your hair type – It’s important to weight match your extensions precisely, this minimises any excess strain on your own hair and ensures the most natural finish possible.


Your Lifestyle – Do you train? Wear your hair up? Swim? Your lifestyle is a huge factor in choosing which method is best for you.


Maintenance – Whether you want to wash every day or leave your hair natural, it’s important that you understand the maintenance required for your extensions before making the decision to go ahead.

Your Budget – We offer many different methods including Great Lengths Keratin Bonds, Weft and Tapes. Ricocco recognizes the importance of quality hair and will use only the best quality available for your method and budget. Choices include Indian and Russian Remy (flat cuticle for shine and minimal tangles) 100% human hair.

Our technicians have been working with extensions for many years, not only keeping abreast of the changes within the industry but continually upskilling and often training others within the industry. Their skill level means you get the best possible match and method for your hair, perfect placement and thorough advice to ensure you can manage your extensions with total confidence.


We would love to discuss your options for fuller longer hair, so call us and book your complimentary consultation today.


What is included in my appointment?

At Ricocco we pride ourselves in beautiful hair, your appointment includes the hair extensions of your choice, expert application, shaping and styling by a fully qualified technician and hairdresser and a complimentary maintenance appointment including any necessary adjustments.


What type of extensions are available, and which is best for me?

Ricocco source’s the best possible quality extensions on the market, 100% Remy human hair in different thicknesses, straight, wavy or curly to best match your hair.

All our hair is either Indian or European hair with minimal processing or synthetic additives.


Tape Extensions are a quick, cost effective extension which lasts an average of 8 weeks. with proper care tapes can be re used up to 4 times. A great option for fine hair, trialling extensions or for those wanting a less permanent option.

Prices starting from $100.00 to $550.00


Wefts will give a fuller base line when adding length, a great option for medium to thicker hair and can be reused up to 4 times with proper maintenance.

Wefts are a cost effective method for longer fuller hair and require minimal investment to re-apply.

Prices starting from $350.00 


Move ups from $120.00 (including wash and style)


Will extensions damage my hair?

When correctly weight matched and applied, extensions will not cause damage to the natural hair providing correct maintenance is followed, this is explained in detail during your consultation.

Great Lengths Keratin Bonds

The ultimate in luxury hair extensions, perfect for adding length or thickness. Keratin can be used on fine or thicker hair types, or a small add on to fill in areas of your style. They can also be teamed with a weft to give beautiful natural length.

At Ricocco we specialise in adding bulk to finer hair types to enhance your style, from as little as $100 you can add shape and definition to those areas that need a little extra.

Typically, a half head is between 40 to 60 strands and a full head is 100 to 120 strands. Extra volume and fullness can be obtained using as little as 10 strands.

Available in over 50 colours and varying lengths, Great Lengths will give your hair more body, extra length and added fullness.
Great Lengths hair is Remy hair, all the cuticles face the same direction, making them smooth and tangle free. Lightened through an osmosis process. Great Lengths hair is not exposed to bleach or damaging chemicals that impact their quality. To top it off, the high tech Keratin Bonds that attach to the hair move and stretch with your own, which means zero breakage.


Prices starting from $11.50 per strand


What lengths are extensions available in?

30cm – Shoulder length or for adding fullness and volume.

40cm – Bra strap length

45cm – Mid back

50cm – Waist length

60cm – Bottom length